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Welcome to GNU-CMS Education web portal. Whether you are a prospective student, an alumnus or are simply curious about the College, this Web site has been created with you in mind. Here you will find information about admission to the university, about our research programs, and items of special interest to alumni.

A splendid, unique and excellent multi-professional education campus promoted by Mehsana Urban Bank Foundation called Ganpat vidyanagar has became Ganpat University vide Gujarat Govt. notification no. GH/SH/6/GUA/2005/1194/KH-1 dated 11-04-05.The University, having all state-of-art academic, infrastructure and accommodation facilities at present offers diversified, undergraduate & postgraduate programs in technical and professional disciplines.

A need was recognized by a few enlightened sons of the soil of North Gujarat to bring the modern and higher education within easy reach of young generation of the land for economic, social and cultural upliftment aimed at improving the quality of life in totality. The recognition of this need led to the formation of a dream. The dream charted out of a collective vision and pragmatic direction to build a world class educational complex with multiple purposes to provide various social organizations and individuals an opportunity to come forward and repay their debt to the society by ‘investing’ small fraction of their prosperity for the multifold return to the generations next.

A pioneering team of philanthropic and enlightened individuals leaded by Shri Anilbhai Patel and like-minded friends, soon came forward with the resolve to transform this dream, through Herculean efforts and committed dedication, into a reality. Very soon the Team was joined by large number of people, big and small, from diverse walks of life, to share the thrill and responsibility of building up the edifice of huge academic campus in North Gujarat -Ganpat Vidyanagar, now the Ganpat University established under Gujarat state Act No. 19 of 2005.

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