About MSW

Master of Social Work is the sphere of combination of several disciplines like sociology, psychology, anthropology, social medicine, management, economics, public administration and few more. The principles and values of social work discipline are as old as of the philanthropic ideas. But as the society change the new ways of doing the social work has been added in the social work field, now few more methodologies are adopted which renamed the old traditional concept of social work as a professional social work. Master of Social Work helps to develop the prime documents by which the complex structure of human relationship and dynamics of social institutions can be disclosed for the sustainable development of global society. Now a day in this competitive era of development everyone is not going to be have success and those who lagging behind due to the struggle and incompetency surly feel stress and pressure to live their life normal and abnormality is the one of the consequences of their failures, so to correct this imbalance within the social institutions of human society, trained and knowledgeable social scientists are required therefore the MSW program is the medium to redistribute the resources and power.
The discipline of Social Work have adopted the globally recognized unique method of teaching consist of practical and theoretical understanding which will help the aspirant students of social work to understand theory with the hard core reality of world.
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