Chalo Gav Ki Orr (Rural Immersion Program)

चलो गांवकीओर


19th to 22nd Dec, 2018


Description of camp:

Chalo Gav Ki Aur is not just about going in village it also about live in their culture, tradition, beliefs, customs, social issues. Department of Social Work, Ganpat University has organized 2 signature camp of Rural Immersion Program in Kada Village, Visanagar , Mehsana .

On the 19th of December students and guest were visited in Kada village, and opening ceremony has started at 4pm with welcome of distinguish guest are Dr. JD Damor (NSS Co-coordinator), Dr. Prof. Ramu bhai Patel (Global faculty of HRM), Dr. Mafatlal Patel (Renowned Educationist), Ms. Anar ben Patel (Founder trustee, Gramshri trust, Ahmedabad), Dharmendra Patel (Members of Taluka Panchyat, Visnagar), Sanjeev Shrof (Director, General Manager, Griding unit).

After completing of opening ceremony function there was series of session taken by Anarben Patel at 5pm to 6pm on Love India fellowship activities and inspiring youth involvement. Later on Sanjeev Shroff taken the lecture at 6pm to 7pm on CSR and current activity of CSR in involvement of youth. After that from 7pm to 8 pm dinner session there.

Later on culture nights event started  from 8pm to 10pm in that many activities involvement was there such as  dancing, singing, mono –acting, mimicry ,and drama done on alcoholism and addiction.

2nd DAY

0n 20th the day started with doing Prabhath feri ( Heritage walk) at 6am to 7 am, later on yoga and meditation series taken by Shri Jeevenbhai patel for cibirarthi. After completing the yoga session Cibirarthi visited for Shram karya (labour work)  in Kada Village.

Delegation of 9 group for doing cleanliness in village of different area like temple, schools, public toilets, library, street, and dormitory of boys and girls etc.

Then at 2pm special guest visited Jayesh Bhai Patel and there team members for deliberating lecture on Water and Sanitations issues and Role of Youth to eradicate this problem. And after completing this, 2nd session was taken by Sanjay Prajapati on financial literacy from 3pm to 4pm.

Later on there was awareness rally cum act on HALO BUDHA BHAI NI JAN MA. This aims to make aware on demerits of addiction of Tabaco and alcohol. All the Cibirarthi and village peoples were engaged in this rally cum act.

After completing did evening prayer and bhajan and continue with again a session delivered by Pratik Bachani on Youth Empowerment.

Then culture night program started at 8pm, by Actors of Puspanjali Doordarshan they make the act on sanitation issue, marriage issues mentally retarded issues. All village peoples were engaged around 3000 public were present for seeing this act.

3rd DAY

On 21st day started with Prabhat Feri ( heritage walk)  in village and did morning prayer.

Krishi Vigyan Kendra session held on 2 pm to 3.30 pm, session delivered by Dr.R.A Patel, Bharat Bhai Patel, Dr. Sharad Soni, lecture on Doubling the farmer income, Reduce input cost, cropping pattern, value addition and beneficiaries of government schemes.

Later on session was delivered by Prof. Sanjay Vanani from 4pm to 6pm on Unemployment scenario of Indian Youth and how to overcome from this issue. After completing the session, Jivan Bhai Patel has given lecture from 6pm to 7 pm on Importance of Yoga.

After completing all the series from 8pm cultural program was started there was a Drama cum Awareness on “Faras Lagan” this act show holistic process of marriage from male side and female side family member’s. This act pass message on Indian traditions, cultures and on Dowry prohibition.

4th DAY

On 22nd the day was closing ceremony of Chalo Gav Ki Aur, the present distinguish members are Shri H.K Patel (Collector, Mehsana), Ganpat Bhai Patel (President of Ganpat University), Dr. D.V Patel (Managing Director of Gujarat Multigas Chemical Pvt. Ltd), Dr. Mafatbhai Patel (Renowned educationist), Dr. Abhishek Parikh (Associate Dean, FSSH,GNU), Dr. Hiren Patel (Head of DSW and MBA), Shri Dharemendra Patel (Members of Taluka Panchyat, Visnagar)





   Total Numbers


Total number of Student



Total number of Institution:

1)      Department of Social Work Ganpat University.

2)      Gujarat Vidhyapith

3)      Veer Narmad South Gujarat University

4)      S.V College of

5)      Sabarmati College

6)      K.K Shastri College

7)      Muncipal Arch Urban Science College

8)      Leo Club of Rainbow Desire

9)      Leo Club of Forever Desire.




Total numbers of Gender:

Male: 70

Female: 59




Total number of Intellectual Session:

1)      Love India Fellowship-Anarben Patel

2)      CSR and Role of Youth in Current CSR-Sanjeev Shroff

3)      Role of Youth in Rural Development-Jayeshbhai Patel

4)      Financial Literacy –Sanajay Prajapati

5)      Youth Empowerment-Pratik Bachani.

6)      Agriculture (kitchen garden, quantity of using fertilizer)- Bharat Bhai.

7)      Youth Katha –Prof. Sanjay Vanani



Total number of Awareness Program



Total number of Cultural Events:


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